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Your Gulf Coast Tour Must Include These 3 Great Destinations

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Pensacola is located on the Gulf of Mexico and it is a coastal city that is a tourist attraction. Pensacola is Florida's oldest community and is considered to be part of the Gulf Coast metropolitan area. The first lighthouse in Pensacola was built in 1832 and it is still occupied by the City and the surrounding area.

The Gulf of Mexico Pensacola is home to many natural beaches including the Gulf of Mexico State beach, Bay Street, Sanibel Island, Pensacola Beach and Orange Beach. The City holds a Ferry dock that provides transportation between Orange Beach and Pensacola. This is where the popular farewell dinner takes place. Many local residents participate in the Ferry events to say goodbye to the years.

The second day on the Gulf Coast Tour will bring you to Gulf Shores and Pensacola Beach. First stop will be to visit the Gulf of Mexico State Beach, which is the third largest in Florida. The beauty and texture of this beach will relax you and make you forget about the work. Inhabited for over a century, the area has seen many changes over the years. A popular attraction for tourists, Gulf Shores offers great fishing and surfing. There is a free guided tour that takes tourists to various sites but if you are seeking some activity, golf can be your best bet. Know the best things to do in Bradenton Florida.

An excursion to the Pensacola lighthouse is also in order. This historic landmark offers views to the Gulf of Mexico and the Atlantic Ocean. Built in 1916, the Gulf of Mexico lighthouse serves as a structure that overlooks the Gulf of Mexico. Many people enjoy watching the sunset while touring this part of the Gulf of Mexico.

An excursion to Pensacola beach would not be complete without visiting the Cedar Key lighthouse. The beautiful shoreline, access to delicious seafood and historical significance makes it a must see location. The Cedar Key lighthouse tours are available on a regular basis. If you are looking for a bit more adventure, the scuba diving excursion can be your ticket to discovering new discoveries. This destination offers something for everyone and makes a perfect vacation stop along your Gulf Coast Tour.

For those who want a closer stop to the beach, the trip to Boca Grande can be a great experience. Founded in 1875, Boca Grande Island is home to two magnificent beaches, one of them with clear and pristine water. Hike the trails and enjoy the nature surrounding this quiet beach. This excursion will take you to the heart of the Gulf coast's natural habitat, the Anclote Key National Wildlife Refuge. This site offers an outstanding opportunity for viewing wild animals and bird life. Explore Bradenton FL!

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